Monday, April 9, 2012


Welcome back to The Shak.

Over the past week, I have been working on a variety of projects. The courtyard fence is complete. I have also been reclaiming some lawn and pruning apple trees. These last two are what I would like to show you in this post.

One day, I cut the tall grass in what amounts to a triangle between the rabbit/chicken barn, the big barn and the machine shed. Once upon a time, this had all been kept as lawn. Since that time, grass, weeds, red twig dogwood and rogue apple trees took over.
You get the idea.
I have yet to remove the bramble along the barn and silo.
I chose to try turning two rogue apple trees into producers. No one is quite sure how the apple trees got there. Birds are a good bet. But, shielded for years by tall grass, they grew. There was no sign of their ever having been pruned. Because there was so much to them, I thought it worth a shot to prune them.
The center tree is dead. The ladder is eight feet tall.
Now they look like apple trees should. Time will tell if my efforts draw any reward.
There is not much left; however,
 that which is now has a chance.
I also reclaimed about a quarter of an acre of lawn in the front yard. Between tree pruning, tree removal and cutting the tall grass, that is where I spent last Friday. I have no pictures of that to show you. I forgot to take before pictures. Now there is nothing to which to compare after pictures; so, I did not bother with either.

Thanks for stopping. Come again soon.

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