Monday, March 19, 2012


Welcome back to The Shak.

Since my last post, I have been working on rebuilding the courtyard's raised beds. Having been sponsored solely by nature for the past so many years, they needed some TLC. I empty each bed of soil, reset the retaining lumber and refill with soil. Each shovel full of soil I remove goes through my home made soil sifter. It is a wheelbarrow with 1/2"x 1" wire over the top. The soil in the beds has acquired a high concentration of gravel over the years. Each shifted barrow full is dumped in a pile. When the bed is empty, I replace two barrows full of sifted soil. After spreading the soil into an even layer I add a layer of rabbit droppings mixed with straw followed by another two barrows of soil.
Use whatcha got!
One wonderful thing about rabbit droppings is that they are what is known as a cold fertilizer. This means they need not be composted before being used as fertilizer. From rabbit to soil...gone. And worms absolutely love the stuff.
Rabbit droppings and straw.

This bed is ready for planting
when the planter is ready for it 
 Thanks for stopping by...come again soon.

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