Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shak Rabbits

I knew they would be there in the morning. The doe formed a fluffy white cloud upon the strraw in her nest box with the hair she pulled from wherever teeth reach. This kept her occupied throughout the afternoon and evening. Then she threw herself like a bag of rabbit pellets to the floor of her cage. She was breathing heavily and quickly. I put my finger through the wire in the customary fashion. She, just beyond reach, shifted her head so I could rub her nose. She was warm. I turned off the lights, leaving her in peace.

And yes, this morning! I saw the white cloud slowly moving. With trusty carrot in hand, I easily distracted the doe to the opposite corner of her cage. I removed the nest box nice and easy. I peeled back the soft, warm, white fur cloud layer by layer. There they are! How many?

I began to count. I got to six before like a water balloon they shifted positions yet took up the same space. This new formation tipped me off to the fact that I had a lot more of that cloud to explore. I started counting by twos. It's twice as fast.

You see, lastnight I was thinkn about how many babies she would have. Since the other doe had nine, I thought eleven would make a nice round 20. I greeted this thought with a chuckle and settled on "we'll see".  Imagine my surprise when I counted by twos six times and had one to spare. That's 13! 8 nipples and 13 mouths. Good luck with that,... momma!
13 New Zealand White Rabbit kits. Born 03/15/2012
9 New Zealand White Rabbit Kits. Born 03/06/2012
The original nine kits are still thriving.  And as you can see, the difference between the two pictures is a mere nine days. A couple days is huge.

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