Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What All This Is and I Am About

Shaktopia is my effort at self-sufficiency. It is a long road paved with the assistance of family and friends. What is self-sufficiency if one has no one with whom to share it? Who better to share with than the family and friends who share so much with me?

What led me to this? I had enough of making some inhumane corporation hundreds if not thousands of dollars for every dollar I got out of the deal. I had enough of living a double life. My inner life and my outer life did not match. They could not match while I was abusing some to benefit a few others and in-so-doing causing harm to all.

I do not know exactly how much money it takes for some to accept and operate on the precept, “if you’re not lying, you’re not trying.” I guess I never earned that much. Though, after hearing that expression on a near daily basis for years, if corporations were deserving of a mantra, that would be my choice.

I digress. The other point in all this is the vast improvement in my self which has occurred in almost a year since I walked off my “job”. I am my self now. My contradictions are gone.

I have told you very little. Let me add some background. I have a B.A. in Philosophy. Of course, I studied all the things I am actually interested in on my own time and since receiving that degree. Philosophy is a way of being. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If one equates richness with money, it is a never get rich scheme. One who lives so simple a life as mine, is enriched by the birth of a litter of rabbits, the growth of chickens, helping others to read and write and labor filled, stress free days and restful nights.

I am very fond of Ancient Greek culture, history, myth, language and some of the philosophy too. I do study the Ancient Greek language. I’d like to read the original Greek philosophers.

Once upon a time, I was fluent in German. Lack of use fixed that. Though I am sure if I had reason, it would all come back to me. I do still, from time to time, find myself thinking in German. It is still in there somewhere.

I am a big fan of Frederick Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and the so-called Existentialists of the European Continent. My favorite novel is The Count of Monte Cristo. Crime and Punishment is a close second.

I study tyrants and dictators.

If someone held a gun to my head demanding I chose a religion, I would pull the trigger myself. Depending upon my mood, I may choose Buddhism. The Dalai Lama would not hold a gun to anyone’s head; thereby, making the choice moot.  Though I am in no real hurry to be re-born. I do not remember sanctioning this go-round either.

I am a U.S. Army veteran; therefore, I believe America has some serious problems, not the least of which is its lacking a sense of history. For whatever reason, America acts as though there were no history prior to its own; and most of that is conveniently ignored as well. Everything it does is new, original, unprecedented…and always for the right reasons. America reacts like a narcissistic, prepubescent girl with Predator drones. And the Greeks thought the Persians were cowards for using bows and arrows!

I think America’s dysfunctional relationship with the Islamic world will end when America’s dysfunctional relationship with Israel ends. Just like two wrongs do not make a right, two dysfunctional relationships do not make one good relationship.

I would love to visit Greece, but from what I understand, being an American, I may not be so welcome. I cannot be sure, but that may have something to do with Predator drones. Have I ever done anything but appreciate Greece…with the possible exception of Plato?

I am even appreciative of their handling of the debt crisis. Their government cooked the books to gain membership into the EU. Now the Greek people strike and do the exact opposite of what the financiers (profiteers) of the global economy want them to do. I love it!

Politically, I think others should get control of themselves instead of trying to control others. I think democracy would be wonderful if it were anything but an idea. Anyone who runs for public office is suspect.

I teach Spanish speaking immigrants to read, write and speak English as a volunteer literacy tutor. With all the noise I hear from English speakers about Mexicans not speaking English, I’d think there would be a waiting list for tutees not tutors. But there are more Mexicans who want to learn English than English speakers who want to teach it. Like Sarah Palin, they shrill about faults but do not want the job of fixing them.

I am also a substitute teacher at a few area high schools. I always leave with a smile. Sometimes its incredulity. Mostly its pure entertainment. Yet, I’m always ready to go when my time is up. It is one of the more interesting “jobs” I have had.

Oh, I also breed rabbits, “Shak Rabbits,” for meat. One cannot cook "authentic" French or Italian food without the occasional rabbit. And there are the chickens in the “Chicken Shak”. They will be for eggs at first. Eventually, I will be breeding and raising them for meat also. “Shakstead” covers crops, yard, garden and whatever else I see fit to throw in there.

I invite you to follow along and comment if you wish. If you have questions or would like specifications and/or plans, insofar as I have them, for anything I post or would like to arrange purchase of what I have to sell when I have something to sell, let me know. Sometimes I am very tired by the time I get to blogging and do not give it the attention it may otherwise deserve. I’m having fun and getting things done…then I blog. 

Thanks for stopping,

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  1. You sound like a very interesting person. Let's meet in the kitchen for a cup o' tea.